Chronique sur Merchants of Air (Belgique)

Sometimes we encounter an album that makes us long for the summer festivals.  In fact, that happens a lot.  Maybe I’m just addicted to those things.  What I like most about those festivals, are the smaller, often local bands.  They usually play pretty early in the day when the audience isn’t fully awake yet.  Their music rolls over the festival area, at first a little aloof.  Gradually you can see more and more people shaking their heads and tapping their feet to the rhythm of the music.  Many stand up to look at the stage and some of them start dancing. While the audience gets enthousiastic, the band grows some more confidence and they really start rocking.

I have a similar feeling with Acid Western, a rock band from Paris, France.  While listening to their latest effort ‘Rampage’ I imagine myself sitting on the grass and eating a hamburger.  They open with a nice blues rock song, named ‘Walk Of Shame’.  My focus stays on the hamburger for a while but my left leg is already tapping along and I turn my head towards the stage where this trio is trying to convince the audience of what they’re capable of.

Then, suddenly, title track ‘Rampage’ begins, kicking up the tempo and blasting through the immense speakers.  Now it’s impossible to stay seated on the soft grass.  I have to get up and when I do so I see a bunch of people raising their fists and banging their head.  Suddenly we’re dealing with a Queens Of The Stone Age like quality stoner rock band.  ‘Rampage’ is a great ol’fashion rock ‘n’ roll song that wakes up the entire festival terrain.  Even the already drunk chick who nearly passed out in the back starts dancing again.

‘Kisses In The Fire’ continues with the up-tempo rock ‘n’ roll and the band on stage sees a party getting started in the first few rows before them.  Most of the audience is on their feet now and half empty beakers are being thrown through the air.  It stinks a bit, but the cool fluid welcome because it’s a hot festival day.  We’ve started a day of pure musical pleasure, that’s for sure.

For now, Acid Western might be one of those smaller bands early on the bill but I feel that they need just one smash hit to move to the (sub)top.  These guys can rock and they surely have the ability to write that one smash hit.  It’s not on this e.p. yet but it will come very soon…  That’s what this e.p. promises, that’s for sure…


Serge Timmers